SOLO SMART Wall Panel Heater

The Solo SMART uses 420watts of electricity making it more energy-efficient compared to other heaters that can run up to 1500 watts.

Made from Fibre cement with no exposed elements and the air not drying out due to the natural convection technology, this makes our products suitable for infants and allergy sufferers.

  • Power: 230 Volts | 50Hz

  • Size: 600mm x 600mm X 10mm

Smart Application

This includes WiFi and a Programmable timer that allows you to control, program and select a certain function on the panel via the Smart App on any Smart Device. 

You can integrate all the latest Google and Amazon Smart home Automation Systems as seen below.

Convection Technology

Energy Efficient


Safe for Allergy Sufferers

Silent Operation

Maintenance Free

Easy Installation

New Modern Design



Programmable Timer

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Built in WiFi


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